Name Change Checklist

Start with the following agencies and offices:

  1. Social Security Administration: Take or mail a completed and signed Social Security Name Change Form (Application for Social Security
    Card)  along with your Certified Marriage Certificate(s) to any Social Security Office. Click here to download a Social Security Name Change Form, and Click here to find the Social Security Office nearest you.
  2. Driver’s License: Visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles Office. Bring your Driver’s License, new Social Security Card and a CERTIFIED copy of your Marriage Certificate or CERTIFIED Abstract of Marriage Certificate.
  3. U.S. Department of State (Passport): Click here to change name on passport
  4. Banking: Visit your bank; bring your new Driver’s License and one of your Certified Marriage Certificates. Don’t forget to order new checks & debit/credit cards.
  5. U.S. Postal Service: Click here to change name with Post Office
  6. Voter registration: Visit your local registrar.

Others you should notify:

Click here for a Name Change Checklist

  1. Accountant
  2. Attorney
  3. Credit Card Companies
  4. Doctors
  5. Employer(s)
  6. Insurance
    • Auto
    • Health
    • Life
  7. Investments & Other Financial Offices
  8. Schools or Alumni Organizations
  9. Utilities Companies
    • Cellular
    • Electric/Gas/Water/Garbage/Sewage
    • Cable/Satellite/Internet